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How are Braces put on?

At MB Orthodontics we have a unique method of placing the braces on your teeth. It’s called Indirect Bonding and this technique makes the banding procedure faster and more comfortable for you.

The Indirect Bonding method places all of the brackets (braces) on your teeth at the same time rather than one tooth at a time which is the traditional method. All of the precise positioning of your brackets is done behind the scenes by Dr Barva or Dr Meade on a plaster model of your teeth instead of in your mouth. This makes having your braces put on a much quicker, easier and more pleasant experience.

How Indirect Bonding works

Once you have decided to proceed with braces, a half hour appointment will be arranged to take photos and impressions of your teeth. Our lab assistant uses the impressions to prepare plaster models of your upper and lower teeth. These models are an exact replica of your teeth and allow the orthodontist to closely examine each tooth and position the brackets very accurately to achieve perfect results.

Another appointment will be arranged (usually 1-2 weeks later) for you to have the braces transferred from your plaster model to your teeth. This procedure feels like you are having mouthguards fitted. In fact, they are soft plastic trays which have all of your brackets embedded in them. The brackets are prepared with some orthodontic glue and the trays are placed over your teeth. Once the glue has set, the trays are removed leaving the braces fixed to your teeth. Next the archwire is attached to the brackets with tiny “o” rings (called modules) and your teeth begin to move very gently and slowly.

The Indirect Bonding procedure is painless and easy to tolerate. No anaesthetic or needles are required and we will explain everything to you step by step. The dental assistant will demonstrate how to care for your braces and provide you with samples and written instructions to ensure you feel confident and comfortable before you leave.