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What to do in case of an emergency

Poking wire

Cover with wax or blue tac to prevent wire poking into the cheek and schedule an appointment

Wire out of molar tube

Cover with wax or blue tac if irritating and schedule an appointment. If it is comfortable, this can be left until the next scheduled appointment if that is within a week.

Loose or broken bracket

If the loose bracket flips around the wire, the module can be removed with tweezers to disengage the bracket then schedule an appointment to rebond.

If the next visit is very soon, within a week or two, the rebond of the bracket can be left until then, if comfortable. Please call us to advise that this needs to be done, to allow sufficient time. If the next visit is further away than 1-2 weeks, please call to schedule an appointment for rebonding.

Broken archwire

Treat any poking wires as stated above and schedule an appointment. 

If the pieces of wire are able to be removed, slide out with tweezers and schedule an appointment.

Lost module

It is not considered urgent to replace a module, although this can delay movement of the tooth. If is convenient, schedule an appointment.

Broken fixed lingual retainer

This should be repaired as soon as possible,  please schedule an appointment.  However in the meantime, if you possess a clear plastic retainer, this should be worn every night (full time if your braces have been removed within the past 3 months).


Firstly assess the cause of the irritation (refer above) and schedule an appointment if needed.  If the cause is general trauma or irritation, then comfort can be gained from wax or blue tac and brace relief, bonjela etc.  Extra wax can be asked for at appointments or posted if needed.

Broken, lost or ill-fitting retainers or plates

Please schedule an appointment.