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Teen Orthodontics

Teenagers are often seen with braces as this is the age when most of the permanent teeth have erupted and need to be guided into position. This adolescent phase is also when facial growth accelerates helping orthodontic appliances move teeth and jaws more efficiently.


Nowadays, braces are slimline, less obvious and more comfortable than ever before. You can choose between braces that blend in with your natural teeth or if you’re feeling adventurous you can have some fun with colour.


In some adolescents, the problem relates to the jaw as well as the teeth so the orthodontist may recommend an expansion plate, a functional appliance (such as a twin block) or a bite plate to correct the “bite” as well as braces to straighten the teeth.

Time Frame

The length of treatment depends on how much treatment is needed to correct the problem. Minor problems can sometimes be corrected in 12 months, however the average duration is 18 - 24 months with braces. Compliance also plays a major role in the length of treatment - taking care of your appliances, wearing them as instructed and attending all of your appointments will help to shorten your treatment time. Braces and plates are usually adjusted at 8-10 week intervals.